No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data - John Scully
Marketing Plans/Budgets

"Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal." - Unknown
From an Unknown author but the meaning is clear: if your company doesn't have a clearly defined marketing plan, the chance for success diminishes greatly.  Zealand Marketing Solutions (ZMS) has the experience of developing solid, sustainable plans and budgets from sole proprietorships to national, publically traded companies with revenues above $150 million.  Let ZMS assist your company in building a long-term plan! 
Marketing Plans
A strong marketing plan consists of following a few basic guidelines:
  • Know what business you are competing in with your products or services
  • Know what your goals and objectives are for your company
  • Know your strategies for achieving the above stated goals
  • Understand your company's limitations and opportunities
Marketing Budgets
Bryan Clegg has been writing budgets for 15+ years.  He has dealt with executive committees and owners concerning cost/revenue analysis, optimizing marketing's impact on companies nationwide.
Working with your company's team, Bryan will help set a firm budget to achieve your company's objectives.  Your success is goal number one! 
Whether your company uses Zealand Marketing Solutions or not, always follow the basic tenet: "A budget is set for a purpose. Do not allow it to be changed and your company will be headed in the right direction."