You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can not get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere - Lee Iacocca
Why Use ZMS?

Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism
Zealand Marketing Solutions deals with its customers with a simple premise- adhere to the three words above and the customer will become your partner, and your partner will benefit from increased presence in an increasingly competitive environment.  ZMS provides the personal touch to marketing your products/services! 
What will Zealand Marketing Solutions do for your company?.....
  • Up front costs on every project
  • ZMS will act as your OWN marketing department.  If we succeed, your company will benefit, and ZMS will have a strong partner into the future!
  • Never miss a deadline (or your company receives a 5% discount)*
  • Only pay for services rendered
  • No cost overruns
  • Fast response time to your needs
  • Over 25 years experience providing marketing support
  • Deal with the owner of ZMS
Most companies ask themselves at one point whether they should use marketing professionals or continue to perform their own marketing programs.  The answer comes in two forms: cost and time.  Using Zealand Marketing Solutions as your outsourced option alleviates the two concerns immediately:
  • Free up more time for executives to focus on other areas of the company
  • ZMS can provide fresh marketing ideas 
  • Keep internal costs down through decreased payroll/benefits/insurance
  • No overtime allowed with ZMS- pricing is per project!
* Deadlines set by ZMS have certain limitations. If the client makes changes that drastically affect the agreed upon marketing proposal, new timelines will be set and adhered to by all parties.